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Hi there! My name is Nate.

As a college student at a large university, I've personally seen the outrageously high prices that students pay for their college books. While most of my fellow students pay upwards of $600, I pay less than $100 each semester.

I have found the secrets to saving and I'm sharing them with you for free so that you can spend on things that matter.

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Rent v. Buy Calculator

This calculator will automatically tell you on a book-by-book basis whether it is better to buy or rent. Simply search for the book you need, click on it, and the calculator will point you in the right direction.

Previous Edition Search

This application will help you find previous editions so you can spend significantly less on your textbooks. For more information on how you save by buying previous editions of textbooks, click here. Note: This feature is still in progress so there may be bugs.

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